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PostSubject: AUSSIE SLANG   Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:05 pm


Slang : A bit more choke and you would have started.
Translation : A statement said to somebody who has just passed wind in public rather loudly.

Slang : A few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock.
Translation : Someone who is mentally 'not quite there, also picnic short of a sandwich , lights are on but nobody is home, etc.

Slang : A over T
Translation : to fall over, from "arse over tits".

Slang : abso-bloody-lutely
Translation : absolutely and beyond any doubt.

Slang : acid, the good acid.
Translation : the good word, the truth.

Slang : act, putting on an
Translation: pretending to be sick or distressed to gain sympathy. Sometimes said as bunging on an act.

Slang : Adam's ale
Translation : Water

Slang : aerial ping pong
Translation : Australian Rules Football, description usually used derogatorily by Rugby Fans.

Slang : after dark
Translation : shark

Slang : agro
Translation : (also aggro), the state of being angry and aggressive over a situation. Also the name of a well known puppet on a children's program.

Slang : airy fairy
Translation : vague

Slang : Akubra
Translation : Proprietary name for an Australian wide brimmed felt hat.

Slang : Alice, the
Translation : Alice Springs, a town in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Slang : alligator pear
Translation : avocado, so named for the alligator like skin of the fruit.

Slang : amber fluid
Translation : beer

Slang : anchors
Translation : brakes of a vehicle, reins of a horse, or even one's own feet. Always used in the process of using the anchors to slow or stop down.

Slang : ankle biter
Translation : small child, also called a rug rat

Slang : any tic of the clock
Translation : very soon

Slang : ANZAC biscuit
Translation : a national biscuit of Australia, purportedly invented on the war fields of the First World War. The recipe can vary but the essential ingredients are rolled oats and golden syrup.

Slang : ANZAC Day
Translation : ANZAC day in Australia, April 25th, the anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915, is the national day of remembrance for Australian Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, killed in wars overseas. Recently members of "Enemy Armed Forces" also march with Australians in celebrations across the country and is seen as a measure of reconciliation.

Slang : Apple Eater
Translation : Resident of Tasmania. Also "Apple Islander".

Slang : Apple Isle
Translation : Tasmania, an island state of Australia, so called for the huge apple industry on the island.

Slang : apples, she'll be
Translation : everything will be okay or alright.

Slang : argy bargy
Translation : argument, also adjectivally as argumentative

Slang : aristotle, aris
Translation : a bottle

Slang : arse
Translation : Bum, Butt, Buttocks

Slang : arse over tit
Translation : to fall over

Slang : arvo
Translation : afternoon

Slang : Ashes, the
Translation : The name for the trophy in an ongoing series of Cricket Tests between Australia and England. The story goes that Australia won the first test and England burned the stumps in shame. The ashes were placed in a small urn which is now the trophy.

Slang : avago
Translation : To attempt to do something


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PostSubject: Re: AUSSIE SLANG   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:40 pm

The Newest in Aussie Slang:

Slang: ded
Translation: dead, gone, goodbye, see ya, you're a noob, later!!
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